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1. BITC - Update March 2017

The ‘Borough in the Community’ Health & Well-Being project has been maintained with considerable success over the past year…..spported by the National League Trust.
Extensive work has continued with the aid of funding from the Grace-Eyre Foundation to provide successful implementation of sporting activities, etc. for disability groups (Mental Health, Adults with Learning Difficulties, Disabled organisations) across East Sussex raising the profile of EBFC. This aspect of Model 2 has been possible through the use of qualified disability coaches, etc., all funded by Grace-Eyre.
The past year has seen the development of Healthy Living Clinics, at the Shinewater Centre, which have been well attended...with teaching, discussion and review of personal approaches that lead to changing life-styles.
In addition, the weekly Fitness Session for over 50s has made great leaps in the numbers attending…and it is expected that an additional group will be introduced after Easter 2017.
The IT coaching also continues to attract club members and individuals from the local community, with training and input related solely to the needs of each individual. Thanks must be given to tutor David Blackmer who has regularly provided Computer Awareness programmes at the club.
The Walking Football section has increasing numbers and has enjoyed much success winning trophies in a SCFA Tournament at Lancing, a National League event at Wembley and they participated in the FA People’s Cup recently in Gillingham.
Whilst working with diversity groups, vulnerable adults and members of the retired community, the Club also took a highly successful venture to attract the former EBYFC into the main fold of the Club…..providing coaching and matches for over 300 girls and boys from 6-16 years. This programme is developing rapidly….and it is hoped that funding will be available for additional Soccer Schools and tournaments in the coming year..

It was possible to work with all groups, organisations and individuals included in the ‘Health & Well-Being’ Project Model…with the satisfaction of increasing numbers significantly during the process.
It was possible to work with all groups, organisations and individuals included in the Project Model…with the satisfaction of increasing numbers significantly during the process.
In addition to coaches made available by the Club, the partnership with Grace-Eyre has enabled a wide-ranging involvement in community work… as the Foundation Identified and made contact with mental health groups, adults with learning difficulties and other diversity areas. The Foundation also assisted with the costs of hiring venues and providing qualified coaches for the various activities. Without the partnership and financial assistance from the National League Trust, the depth of the work would not have been as extensive
Feed-back sought and information received from all disability groups targeted, with very positive responses…and hope / expectation that the needs of these groups are viewed with determination for continuation of the work.
Junior/Youth and Walking Football has been received with great success, closely linked with the provision of all-weather surfaces, enabling coaching and matches on a daily basis, especially at week-ends. The development of Girls football has been an important venture at Priory Lane.
From the Club’s initial community work prior to receiving grants from the National League Trust (formerly FCT)….to the present level of involvement of the Club in East Sussex, it is evident that the activities on offer have made a major impact on individuals and groups across the age-ranges…from 6 year olds to those in their nineties.
A significant aim over the next 12 months will be to sustain the many activities that have been introduced, with increasing sessions to meet the demand from members in this area of East Sussex.
A new Community Worker, Martin Eglington (working for EBFC and Grace-Eyre) is now in place and ensuring all areas of the project are being monitored and developed.
The past twelve months have seen much success for many individuals…from young to old and from diversity groups.