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"As always this show is about promoting Non League Football and the great quality of stories and above all people that make it so special. This is where you come in!

We'd love your stories - you can email nonelague@bbc.co.uk but we would also love your voices! If you have a smartphone, or access to recording equipment, record 30 seconds about your story, your club, your match report, or just your thoughts on a non league topic and we could hear you on the show! Just email in any format to nonleague@bbc.co.uk

Think of it as an audio letters page and your chance to get your club heard nationally. Just make sure you start the message with your name and club.

 We're recording every Saturday night at 8pm, so have a deadline of 6.30pm for that night's show, but we can play your content out throughout the week via Twitter (www.twitter.com/nonleagueshow and Audioboo www.audioboo.fm/nonleagueshow )

You are our eyes and ears! So, if something happens at your club or match and you can't record it, please just drop an email."


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